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What students generally ask me:

For General English I offer programs from Beginner to Advanced, so with any English Background, you can start your program. But for TOEFL and IELTS courses, you need to be at the Intermediate level.

After a student enrolls in the program, they are required to undergo testing. Once the student has completed the test, he/she will be placed into one of the 6 levels from beginner to advanced, or TOEFL and IELTS programs.

This is the most important consideration because it absolutely depends on different factors such as the requirement of the school you are interested in, or your study habits. Both TOEFL and IELTS are widely accepted at undergraduate and graduate schools around the world. The TOEFL is more commonly accepted by American institutions, while the IELTS is more commonly accepted in Australia, Canada, and Europe, but many schools accept scores from either exam. However, a school may have a preference for which test you take, so that is also worth checking out in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise. In the orientation meeting, I will explain more details about the differences between these two tests.

Before you begin your classes at Ace Academic English you will have a Skype meeting with your teacher. Your purpose, background, study habits, time, and your concerns will be discussed, so that teacher can design a tailor-made plan for your program.

Each lesson will take 1 or 2 hours. It depends on your purpose and the time you have for the test preparation.

It depends on your purpose, practice, and the date of your exam. Of course, the longer you can study, the better. However, if you need to learn English in a very short time or expect to develop moderate fluency, I can offer an intensive program. I am committed to helping you achieve your language learning goals and offer advice and support. What I expect you is to be punctual, attend all your classes, and do the assignments that are set by me. In that case, you will achieve your goal faster.

You will need a desktop computer or laptop with a microphone, webcam, and Internet access. It is best if you can wear a headset so that there is less background noise, and I can hear you better.

Yes, you can use a smartphone to join a live online lesson. However, the lesson experience is best when you use a desktop computer or laptop.

I mostly use Skype for my live online lessons.

If you cannot access Skype for some reason, I can also offer you online English lessons using Zoom.

My Skype name:

Zahra Tohidi


Don’t worry. I know that internet connections can be sometimes unreliable, so I will arrange another lesson to make it up.

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